Amvista Green Marker Dye 1L- Identifies Sprayed Areas

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Amvista green knapsack sprayer dye lets you see where you sprayed without the glare of blue dye

Amvista Green Marker Dye is an easy visual reference for keeping track of sprayed areas and also covering some unsightly ones.

The ideal solution for making sure you efficiently cover areas when spraying.

Key benefits:

  • Non-toxic
  • Mix with weedkiller to track spraying progress - less invasive than blue dye
  • Ideal for public areas
  • Can be used to temporarily cover brown patches / dead grass
  • Highlights overlapping, gaps and blocked nozzles
  • Naturally bio-degrades over 24-48 hours
  • Cost-efficient: one bottle lasts a long time
  • More concentrate can be added to darken shade as required
  • Can be applied all year round
  • Can be used for agricultural, horticultural, amenity and home and garden use

Coverage:                    10,000 m2+

Rate:                              125-300 ml per 100 L spray solution

Knapsack rate:           10-20 ml in 10 L of spray solution

Active Ingredients:    Food grade dye

More Information
Application Rate

Hand-held Application Rate

Green Dye spray  10 – 30 ml in 10 L spray solution

Boomspray Application Rate

Green Dye spray  125 – 300 ml in 100 L spray solution
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