Biosyl 5L - Improves Glyphosate Performance on Difficult Weeds

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Add Biosyl to glyphosate products such as Roundup to give better results on problem weeds such as ivy, bindweed, ground elder, ragwort and shrubs.

Biosyl is a wetter and spreader used in horticulture and agriculture for improving results when using glyphosate weed killers.

Key points:

  • Adding Biosyl to Roundup ProActive increases the amount of active ingredient taken up resulting in:
    • Higher effective doses
    • Faster activity
    • Higher levels of overall weed control, particularly on large weeds and those that are less susceptible to the herbicide
    • Use with Roundup ProActive

How to use:

  • Half fill sprayer with water
  • Add recommended amount of herbicide and mix thoroughly
  • Add Biosyl with mix
  • Fill the sprayer tank with water
  • Agitate before and during spraying
  • Wash thoroughly after use

See our video on the benefits of surfactants, wetters and spreaders

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