Blanketweed Klear 1KG - Removes & Reduces Regrowth

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Treats and prevents blanketweed in ponds & lakes

A double action, twin pack that includes both a powder to kill blanketweed quickly and unique tablets that prevent re-growth

Blanketweed is a filamentous algae that grows rapidly affecting the aquatic ecosystem and affecting fish through reduced oxygen and light. 

Blanketweed Klear is spread as a powder onto the weed which causes an 'overdose' of oxygen - killing it immediately

  • 1kg treats approx. 40,000 L
  • Only use if water pH is below 8.5 and carbonate hardness (KH) is above 5'dH
  • NB: Leave 24 hours between applying the powder and the tablets
  • Dead blanketweed can be scooped out and removed after 24-48 hours
  • Fish can remain in ponds being treated
  • Blanketweed grows more in the summer months - a combination of sunlight & nutrients (food, detritus & fish faeces)


  • Use product first thing in the morning when blanketweed is the weakest
  • Blanketweed prefers agitated or moving water...make sure to switch off pumps or fountains during treatment
  • Apply tablets to the water by dissolving first into a bucket of pond water

Each measured scoop = 10g

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