AlgoClear Pro - Hard Surface Moss & Algae Cleaner

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AlgoClear Pro is a professional high-strength moss control cleaner all types of hard surfaces.  Does not contain bleach or ammonia.

Ideal for controlling and cleaning many discolourations and green slippery growths on large areas, including patios, driveways, artificial grass and sports surfaces such as tennis courts.

A professional strength concentrated cleaner for removing natural growth such as algae or mould from hard surfaces including: concrete, render, sandstone, tennis courts, paths and driveways etc

Does not require rinsing.

Active ingredient: - 40% w/w DDAC (quarternary ammonium chloride)

Coverage: Pack treats up to 1,025m2 (5L pack) & up to 2,050m2 (10L pack)

See Application Rate tab for suggested dilution rates. 

Roof, patio & driveway moss removal

Key points:

  • Super concentrated active cleaner for surface discolouration and natural growths, four times stronger than most moss and algae cleaners
  • Treats hard surfaces with no risk of staining and damage
  • Contains no acids or bleach
  • AlgoClear can also have some residual benefits preventing slippery green growths from quickly returning
  • Suitable for drives, patios, brick work and render, artificial grass, tarmac, concrete, poly tunnels, glass houses and most other hard surfaces
  • Can be used year round. Results may be affected if rain occurs within 24 hours and at temperatures below 8oC
  • Non-professional available - see AlgoClear


  • Apply on a dry day in a low pressure sprayer. Thoroughly drench surfaces - no brushing required*
  • Avoid any overspray or excessive run-off onto lawns, grassland as it may cause bleaching. If in doubt thoroughly drench affected turf with clean water
  • Not intended for use as a moss treatment for lawns, flower beds or as algae treatment in pond water
  • Storage: Bottles must be stored in a secure area that is always frost -free and out of direct sunlight to preserve its effective life

NB. COLOUR: There may be some colour variation between bottles, ranging from clear to yellow. This is all within spec. and will not affect the efficacy at all.

* Thicker growth requires more product to be sprayed. It may be of benefit to reduce the spray by removing as much bio accumulation as possible before spraying.

To achieve excellent results with AlgoClear we recommend the SDS - Algoclear Softwash Delivery System including Dosing EquipmentTelescopic LanceSpray Brush Head and Scraper Head.

For more information on moss control click here

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