Cooper Pegler CP3 Evolution Knapsack 20 L 848255

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A comfortable quality knapsack sprayer, 20 litre capacity

The CP3 'Evolution' Knapsack is the big brother to the CP15 Evolution

Key notes:

  • The CP3 'Evolution' Knapsack is the big brother to the CP15 Evolution
  • Full padded harness and belt for ultra comfort and long-term wearability
  • The tried & tested diaphragm pump system copes better with water impurities than piston pumps
  • Top mounted carrying handles for easy lifting
  • It's built-in pressure relief valve guarantees precision for the type of application desired

Click on the 'Video' tab, above, for tips on sprayer assembly out of the box

The CP3 Evolution has a wide range of benefits to aid spraying:

  • UV stabilised Polypropylene tank body for a durable yet lightweight sprayer
  • Full padded harness
  • Few moving parts of which none are exposed to friction, ensuring resistance to dirt in the spray liquid and a very low maintenance level.
  • Two top mounted carrying handles
  • Low mesh strainer to filter out dirt. Supplementary filter in trigger
  • Unique diaphragm pump very resistant towards water impurities
  • Pressure control valve with fixed settings for spraying herbicides/insecticides and fungicides
  • Max working bar pressure, 3 bar (45 psi)
  • Hand operated trigger (with trigger lock)
  • Nozzle on multi-nozzle adaptor
  • 50cm long high resistance GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic) lance
  • 136cm long reinforced hose for greater pressure resistance
  • Adjustable re-inforced lever for left / right hand operation
  • 140mm wide filler opening to prevent overflow
  • Fully serviceable as service kits are available
  • Adjustable waist strap and reinforced back (significant reduction in discomfort)
  • Materials do not absorb pesticide

Yellow and green nozzles included with the CP3 Evolution, please see below for more information:

  • Yellow Hollow cone nozzle for plant protection, the nozzle produces a conical pattern of fine, light droplets, specifically for use with insecticides and fungicides. Use sprayer at maximum pressure for best results.
  • Green Anvil nozzle is used for weedkilling, this nozzle produces a wide pattern of heavy droplets thus avoiding chemical drift and consequent damage to adjacent plants/lawn etc. Use sprayer at low pressure for best results. For bed and interborder weeding use a weedkiller shield.


Weight empty:           4.8 kg
                 20 L
Accessories:             available

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