Headland Polo 10L - Controls ragwort & many other weeds in grassland

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Controls tough weeds in paddocks and grassland. An outstanding, selective weed killer.
Tank mix with Hurler to broaden weed range

Effective on ragwort, docks, nettles, thistles, buttercups, plantains and many other weeds.

Weeds Controlled* Ragwort, Docks, Creeping Thistle, Spear Thistle, Nettle (inc. Stinging Nettle) Buttercup, Plantain, Bindweed, Dandelion & more

Headland Polo offers unrivalled coverage and weed control in grassland areas treating many common and difficult weeds.

Headland Polo is a selective weed killer that contains two different active ingredients (MCPA and 2-4D) which means it controls a greater variety of target weeds in paddock/ grassland areas, than many other herbicides and is particularly good at controlling ragwort.

A member of a group of herbicides called phenoxys Headland Polo weed killer works by disrupting a plants growth hormones, so getting the application timing right during growth stages is key. Results from Headland Polo are fast and can be seen within days.  

Extensive scientific research has been carried out on the killing of ragwort and it's proven to be completely susceptible to headland polo with only two applications generally needed - one carried out in spring and one in autumn. 

*see Headland Polo label for all weeds controlled.
NB: Control of Docks dependent on species (Curled Dock or Broad-leaved Dock) - identification is critical

Ragwort control in paddocks and grassland

 Key points:

  • Value for money selective herbicide Headland Polo delivers great coverage from a 10 L pack
  • Fast results - Controls a wide range of weeds including ragwort
  • Apply with a tractor or ATV boom sprayer only
  • Use ‘medium’ quality spray with 2-3 bar pressure
  • Can be used on newly sown grass leys where clover is not important and is safe on grass less than one year old
    • Use at 2.5 L/ha in 200 - 400 L/ha of water
  • Grazing animal exclusion: 14 days after application after treating with Headland Polo
  • Suitable for tank mixing with different selective products eg Headland Polo @ 2.5l/ha + Hurler @ 0.5l/ha - this tank mix will provide a very safe broad spectrum weed mix on newly sown and established grass leys,
  • The above mix is effective on weeds such as chickweed, cleavers, buttercups, common nettle, dandelion, broad leaved dock, plantain, soft rush and thistle
  • It is recommended to improve your weed control hit rate to use Headland Polo in conjunction with an adjuvant such Solar Plus 1 L or Validate 1 L (also available on request in a 5 L). Validate is a sticker and helps the Polo to penetrate into tougher weeds such as Ragwort. Solar Plus offers a wetting, spreading and water conditioning effect that maximises the spray effectiveness and improves results in tight weather windows.

Thrust 5 L can be used as an alternative to Polo if applying via a knapsack only.  The two actives MCPA and 24-D found in Headland Polo are also available in Depitox 5 L (2,4-D) and Agritox 10 L (MCPA) 

  • Required Safety Equipment (PPE) - Gloves, Face Shield & Coveralls - See our safety clothing bundle for a discounted price

Headland Polo can also be tank mixed with liquid fertilisers - a great way to save time and money.  

If you need further advice call 0800 032 6262 or email info@progreen.co.uk 


Application notes and guidance for using Headland Polo:

  • Timing of application is critical to the success of  Headland Polo - Apply in late autumn and spring according to how large the weed is
  • Ragwort - Ideally treat in Spring at the rosette stage before flowering
    • Where ragwort is present in grazing areas please follow the livestock exclusion details on the label
  • Creeping Buttercup - Apply in late Spring and Autumn when growth is visible
  • Bulbous Buttercup - Treat in the autumn, on new leaf, and in the spring
  • Docks - Apply before flowering
  • Thistle (creeping & spear) - Apply at the early flower bud stage before blooming
  • Clovers may be affected but will recover quickly
  • Household  Pets - Keep off  treated areas until dry

Headland Polo is at its most effective when the target weeds are actively growing - so avoid using this if the paddock or grassland is stressed due to frost, drought or cold soil temperatures.  It is also advised to avoid spraying when rain is forecast.

Headland Polo can be applied twice within a 12 month period, making it highly effective on a wide range of weed control including Ragwort - see below for more details.


Further guidance on how to control ragwort:

The manufacturer's of Headland Polo carried out their extensive trials on the control of Ragwort in the early seventies. Here it was proven that Headland Polo is one of the best selectives out there for controlling ragwort.  

Ideally to kill ragwort Headland Polo should be applied twice a year, once in the spring (April/May) and once in autumn (Sept/Oct).

The reason these timings work so well is that ragwort is a biennial plant (which means germination and growth occurs in early spring and also in autumn). Don't worry if you miss the spring application, as you can still carry control ragwort in the autumn and follow it up next spring. Carrying out a regular programme of control with Headland Polo is one of the best ways to get on top of ragwort, as well as other weeds in paddocks and grassland.

Please note these timings are the ideal timings - weather conditions, temperatures etc may have an impact on when to control Ragwort too.

More Information
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Application Rate

Boomspray Application Rate

Broad-leaved dock, bulbous buttercup, creeping buttercup, creeping thistle, curled dock 2.5 L/ha in 200 - 400 L/ha water
Greater and ribwort plantain, soft rush, spear thistle 2.5 L/ha in 200 - 400 L/ha water
Dandelion, field bindweed, hedge bindweed, stinging nettle, daisy, ragwort, colts foot 3.5 L/ha in 200 - 400 L/ha water


Ideal Application Timings

Headland Polo is ideally applied in Spring or the late Autumn.  Application timings are normally worked out based on how the weed is growing and weather conditions.  However below are the ideal times to control certain weeds:

Bulbous Buttercup            in Autumn on new leaf or in Spring
Creeping Buttercup          in Spring or early Summer
Curled Dock                        before flowering or after defoliation
Common Ragwort             treat in Autumn followed by sequential treatment in Spring when at a rosette stage, before the flower spikes start
Creeping/Spear Thistle    at early flower bud stage
Horsetails                            when all growing well, normally May or June
Soft Rush                              in April, May or June. Stems should ideally be cut and removed at 4 weeks before or 4 weeks after treatment

Clover may be checked but will eventually recover

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