KPlus - Improves Pesticide Performance & Results

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Improve spray results with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides etc

Get better results from your spraying using KPlus spray water conditioner.

Water usually makes up over 95% of a spray solution, therefore it can have a huge impact on spray results. Water quality varies (pH, dissolved salts, impurities) which can effects spraying outcomes. KPlus removes the variation and brings better, more consistent, faster spraying results.

Features & benefits:

  • pH buffer – adjusting spray water to pH 6, ideal for pesticide activity and uptake
  • Locks away dissolved salts – ensure the maximum active ingredient remains available
  • Improves target coverage with better spray water deposition and retention
  • Reduces foaming in the spray tank - enabling faster filling
  • Reduces spray drift (75% reduction versus water alone) – minimising chances of non target contact
  • Improves levels of rainfastness.
  • Overall culminates in better, faster, more reliable spraying results.

 Typical use situations:

  • Insecticides
    • Better coverage of hidden insect pests
  • Trace elements/foliar feeds
    • Improves uptake and speed of results

How to use:

  • Dilution rate is 1% of spray water volume
  • eg 10ml per 1L, 100ml per 10L or 1L in 100L
  • For best results, half full spray tank, add all KPlus, agitate, add pesticide then resume filling to required water level

Pack Sizes & Coverage

  • 0.25L KPlus - makes 25L spray water
  • 1L KPlus - makes 100L spray water
  • 5L KPlus - makes 500L spray water
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