Kurtail Evo - Mares Tail Weed Killer

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The trusted brand for controlling horsetail / marestail
Available in 0.5 L, 1 L & 5 L - options below
Professional product - for Boom Spray application only
For non-professional use - SBK & Kplus Bundle
Need advice? The ProGreen Team has years of extensive knowledge on mare's tail / horse tail call 0800 032 6262


The Kurtail family of products is the UK No. 1 choice of weed killer for controlling and killing horsetail / mares tail (Equisetum arvense)

Kurtail Gold (previously known as Kibosh & Kurtail) proved itself over a number of years, to be highly effective in killing and controlling mare’s tail, plus a wide range of other grasses and broad leaved weeds until it’s approval ended in January 2019 leaving a big gap in the market.

The great news is that the wait is over, and ProGreen is excited to announce that the evolution of Kurtail continues with the launch of Kurtail Evo.

Kurtail Evo will to be fully supported technically by the ProGreen team who have many years experience of how to control marestail / horsetail. This product is the first choice of landscapers and grounds maintenance firms.

Need advice on how to kill marestail / horsetail? Call us on 0800 032 6262

Effective on killing and controlling Horsetail (Marestail)

Kurtail Evo is based on two weed killer active ingredients glyphosate and 2,4-D that combine in a lipophilic action to maximise uptake. Both of these weedkillers contribute to mares tail control and this ensures that Kurtail Evo maintains it’s position as the best weed killer for mares tail control.

PLUS NEW Kurtail Evo now controls an even larger range of weeds than Kurtail Gold:


  • Approved for use on amenity vegetation, hard surfaces (railway ballast), orchards, amenity grassland (destruction), green cover on land not being used for crop production, and stubbles
  • Can be used as an alternative to straight glyphosate products – giving a faster speed of action
  • Ideal for total grassland destruction where additional weeds are present using a boom sprayer only
  • Improve mares tail control further (especially in hard water areas) by adding Kplus+ to your spray tank just like Kurtail Gold
  • For control of marestail when applying with a knapsack or hand held sprayer we suggest SBK Brush Wood Killer with KPlus
  • Improved control of difficult to kill weeds such as docks and thistles
  • Do not use under polythene or glass
  • Allow 5 days after spraying Kurtail Evo before applying lime, fertiliser, farmyard manure or other pesticides
  • Do not use alongside hedges
  • Kurtail Evo is not a selective weedkiller. Protect plants and grass you do not want to damage from overspray or drift


  • Effective on killing and controlling horsetail (marestail)
    • No need to bruise or damage the plant
    • Apply to growing weeds that are green and 20cm+
    • Treated weeds will turn black and wither within 2 - 3 weeks
  • Rainfast in 3 hours
  • Re-seeding possible from 5 - 60 days after application (see product label for crops timings)
  • Vegetables should be planted 60 days after application of Kurtail Evo
  • Fast acting, non-selective herbicide
  • Results seen in 10 – 14 days
  • Best results when applied between 1st March and 30th September
  • Also controls a wide range of annual and perennial weeds
  • Various pack sizes to suit smaller or larger scale users
  • Can be sprayed with a boom sprayer at same rate as Kurtail Gold
  • NB: NOT recommended for use in a watering can
  • After spraying, wash out with water and a proprietary cleaner such as Allclear Extra or Tank and Equipment Cleaner to avoid damage to susceptible plants

Application notes and guidance:

  • Horsetail is often called mare's tail but this is more accurately an aquatic weed (hippuris vulgaris). The correct latin name for horsetail is Equisetum arvense or ‘field horsetail’.NB: Kurtail Evo is not approved for aquatic use.
  • Its root system is extremely vigorous and can grow very deep which is why it can regenerate after treatment and cultural controls, such as digging or rotorvating, will only spread and multiply the problem in the short term. Please phone us if you intend to build over treated areas...eg, tarmac drives
  • It is preferable to allow the horsetail / mares tail weed to wither and die naturally before cutting or removing the weed. If this is not possible, then a minimum of 3 weeks should elapse before cutting or removing. Any horsetail/mares tail roots which emerge after treatment will require respraying.
  • Spraying of mare's tail should not take place if rainfall is due within 3 hours (minimum), 24 hours is preferable for best results.
  • Horsetail is best sprayed when it is 6-8" tall (15-20cm) rather than when it first emerges.
  • Non-tallow amine formulation
  • Please read the label before use.
  • It is often necessary to retreat the same area several times as distinct root fragments emerge over time and reach the target height for spraying (6-8")

Kurtail Evo is a registered trademark of Progreen Weed Control Ltd.

Hard Water Effect on Marestail Control:

The effectiveness of many weedkillers can be reduced by some of the ingredient being “locked up” especially in hard water areas. We can help reduce this problem and maximise it’s effect on marestail by simply adding KPlus+. to the spraytank.

Kurtail Evo Pack Coverage

Pack Size Rate L/ha
3 L/ha 5 L/ha
0.5 L 1,666m2 1,000m2
1 L 3,333m2 2,000m2
5 L 16,666m2 10,000m2

Recommended safety clothing / PPE as per the MSDS; protective clothing (coverall), protective gloves, eye/face protection, respiratory protection

More Information
Warning Message Yes
Application Rate

Application Rate

Please check the calibration of your boom sprayer before starting application

Kurtail Evo Rate per Hectare Dilution per Litre - (*apply in 200 L per hectare) Weeds Controlled
3 L 15 ml in 1 litre of water - (covers 50m2) Annual Weeds & Grasses
5 L (Marestail / Horsetail rate) 25 ml in 1 litre of water - (covers 50m2) Horsetail, Bramble, Dock, Ragwort, Perennial Grasses & Weeds

Use with Kplus+ to enhance results in hard water areas. Add Kplus+ to the water BEFORE Kurtail Evo

Kplus+ Pack Size Dose Rate
  1 L/ha or 100 ml in 20 L water or 5 ml in 1 L water
250 ml covers 2,500m2
1 L covers 10,000m2
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