MAC Hi Power - Moss & Algae Cleaner on Hard Surfaces

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MAC Hi-Power is a soft-washing product for preventing moss and removing biofilm such as algae,moss, mould, lichen & bacteria from hard surfaces.

Remove & control moss, algae, mould & lichen from hard surfaces including patios, paths, driveways, roof,  tennis courts & concrete

Powerful, reliable moss control and cleaning results from this product which contains 4x more active than most competitor products! 

Contains 40% w/w DDAC (quarternary ammonium chloride)

No need to scrub or pressure wash, just dilute and apply. This product typically works in 2-4 days (depending on weather), it then continues to degrade unwanted growth, preventing re-growth for months after application.

Key points:

  • Suitable for many hard surfaces to clean off discolouration of algae, lichen, mould, etc
  • Use a pump sprayer or knapsack and thoroughly drench affected areas
  • Does not stain or discolour surfaces*
  • When used on porous surfaces, MAC Hi-Power may prevent the return of moss or algae for a significant period
  • Suitable for drives, patios, brick work and concrete and other hard surfaces
  • Use MAC Hi-Power even in cooler weather however, best results are at temperatures above 8oC
  • Results may be affected if significant rain falls within 20-24 hours of application

Application rates:

  • Ground surfaces - Dilute 1L Mac Hi Power in 40L water, Spray 1L of dilutant over 4-5m2 
  • Walls & brickwork  - Dilute 1L Mac Hi Power in 30L water, Spray 0.5L of dilutant over 1m2


  • Do not spray grass - bleaching might result from accidental drift or overspray. However grass will recover after a period of time.
  • Do not use on lawns, plants or in aquatic areas.

*If in doubt always test an inconspicuous area before overall spraying

HSE no. 10341

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