Microwipe Tee Head Weedwiper

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The weedwiper is a straight forward, cost effective way to spot treat weeds in tight spaces where avoiding drift and overspray is critical. Simply ‘wipe’ the weed killer onto the targeted weed – results seen in 1 – 2 weeks.

The weedwiper is a targeted weed control applicator eliminating the risk of drift and non-target contamination.

Specifically developed for the selective application of systemic herbicides the Microwipe (weedwipe) is designed to be used with herbicides containing glyphosate e.g. Roundup.

Using a Microwipe means that weed killer is only applied to those plants that the wicking rope comes into contact with. Moving the Microwipe over the leaves of weeds allows a small dose of herbicide to be transferred to the target weed, leaving surrounding plants untouched

The microwipe weed wipe is a great alternative to spot treating weeds and grasses. Flexible enough to be used in many differing commercial and domestic situations it is often found the in the following places where weed control is needed: - Gardens, allotments, along path edges, fence lines, around shrub beds and tree plantings, in row crops, vineyards, golf courses and cemeteries. Effects from this form of weed control will generally be seen in 7 - 14 days.


  • Weight - empty 0.65 kg
  • Weight - ready to spray 1.2 kg
  • Capacity - 400 ml
  • Head width - (wicking end) 203 mm

Benefits of using a Weed Wiper:

  • Safe, quick, light , easy to use – Wipes the target weeds with glyphosate weed killer
  • No risk of spray drift onto other plants - Ideal for controlling weeds in garden beds, borders, amongst shrubs or near water*
  • Can be used on individual or weed clumps • Also controls difficult and invasive weeds ie, ivy, rhododendron, soft rush, Japanese knotweed
  • Herbicide is transferred by wiping the gravity fed nylon-rope wick onto the target weed
  • Economical to use, reduces chemical waste plus minimal water required
  • Easy to clean, no moving parts, corrosion resistant
  • Approved for use with total weed killers i.e. Roundup
  • Also available with an Angled Head
  • Once finished – simply wash out the handle and hose down the rope-wick to remove any herbicide residues and debris


*Always consult the Environment Agency guidelines when using pesticides near any water.

** Wicking rope is fed by gravity so some drips may occur. When walking between weed areas turn the weedwiper upside down or carry in a bucket to avoid dripping.

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