SBK Brushwood Killer 1 L - for Tough Woody Weeds Including Marestail

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Tough domestic weedkiller for brambles, thistles, nettles and docks. Kills weeds not grass.

Concentrated, selective weedkiller for woody and broad-leaved weeds.

Tough weedkiller that is safe for grass but controls woody weeds and saplings. Can also be used as a cut-stump treatment.

If you are wanting this product for control of Horsetail / Marestail, please see out twin pack offer for SBK + K-Plus herbicide improver

Controls tough woody and broad-leaved weeds, contains triclopyr

Key points:   

  • Excellent on nettles, brambles and other tough weeds
  • Safe for grass
  • Can be used as cut stump treatment
  • Amateur label- suitable for home use
  • Suitable for watering can or pressure sprayer
  • Apply when soil is moist and weeds such as brambles, nettles & dock are actively growing

Application notes and guidance:

  • Exercise caution when spraying on fine-leaved or quality turf
  • Do not apply in drought or freezing conditions
  • Leave 6 weeks after spraying before replanting
  • For marestail/horsetail control, it may be necessary to spray successive emergences of the weed several times to eradicate the extensive underground root system.
  • Once spreayed, do not cut the sprayed weed, but allow the herbicide to translocate down to the root system
  • Allow the sprayed weed to wither and die, before removing dead/decayed plant material.

For more information on controlling tree stumps and woody weeds click here

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Warning Message No
Application Rate

Hand-held Application Rate

Knapsack / Pump Sprayer 20 ml in 1 L water covers 7 m2
Watering Can 25 ml in 5 L water covers 8.5 m2
Woody Weeds 20 ml in 1 L water, spray to cover leaves, branches & stems
Cut Stump Painting 100 ml in 100 ml of water, paint or spray cut surfaces

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