SBK Brushwood Killer 1L & KPlus 250ml - Marestail & Woody Weeds

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Tough weedkiller for horsetail, marestail, brambles, thistles, nettles and docks, kills weeds not grass.

Optimum results are achieved by adding KPlus+ water conditioner.

Concentrated, selective weedkiller (safe for grass) for woody and broad-leaved weeds.

Tough weedkiller for the control of brambles, marestail or horsetail, nettles and saplings.

It can also be used as a cut-stump treatment to kill tree stumps and prevent re-growth

The bundle includes:
1 x SBK Brushwood Killer 1 litre (contains triclopyr)
1 x KPlus+ 250ml (water conditioner)

K Plus will improve SBK uptake when controlling difficult weeds such as marestail / horsetail and also improve overall results in hard water areas

Contains triclopyr, controls tough woody weeds such as brambles & horsetail/marestail

Key points:   

  • Effective control of nettles, brambles, docks and other tough weeds including marestail/horsetail
  • Can be used as a cut stump treatment
  • Amateur label (suitable for home use)
  • Can be applied using pressure sprayer or watering can (results more variable)
  • Apply when weeds are actively growing and soil is moist
  • Safe to grass

Application notes and guidance:

  • Do not apply in drought or freezing conditions
  • Exercise caution when spraying on fine-leaved or quality turf
  • Leave 6 weeks after spraying before replanting

For more information on controlling tree stumps and woody weeds click here

Controlling marestail / horsetail with SBK and KPlus+

It is highly recommended that you use the adjuvant KPlus combined with SBK to enable the triclopyr to break down the silica outer layer of the horsetail and increases its ability to penetrate into the weed achieving greater results.

For marestail/horsetail control, it may be necessary to retreat several times to eradicate the extensive underground root system.  Once applied, do not cut or roll the treated weed.  Allow the plant to wither and die completely before removing dead plant material.

More Information
Warning Message No
Application Rate

Hand-held Application Rate

Knapsack / Pump Sprayer 20 ml in 1 L water covers 7 m2
Watering Can 25 ml in 5 L water covers 8.5 m2
Woody Weeds 20 ml in 1 L water, spray to cover leaves, branches & stems
Cut Stump Painting 100 ml in 100 ml of water, paint or spray cut surfaces

Hand-held Application Rate with Kplus Water Conditioner

Knapsack / Pump Sprayer

 5 ml K-Plus with 20 ml SBK in 1 L water covers 7 m2

Watering Can or Higher Volume situations  25 ml K-Plus with 25 ml SBK in 5 L water covers 8.5 m2

K Plus Water Conditioner will improve help SBK penetrate the waxy outer leaf cuticle of difficult weeds e.g. Marestail / horsetail and also improve overall results in hard water areas.

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