Solar Plus 1L - Improves Grassland Weedkiller Performance

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Solar Plus can improve the activity of weedkillers or herbicides.  It can particularly help control difficult to control weeds such as ragwort, creeping buttercup, docks and thistles as well as larger weeds slightly past their ideal spraying growth stage.

Solar Plus is a spray adjuvant that is used to maximise herbicide activity and improve the end results.

Coverage:       Covers 12 ac at standard application rate

Improves the effectiveness of paddock weed killers

Key points:

  • Improves the effectiveness of weed killers particularly on difficult to treat weeds including
    • Ragwort, thistles, creeping buttercup, docks
  • Increases effectiveness on oversized weeds, that may be slightly past the best control time
  • Helps to improve control when using weed killers in drought conditions
  • Faster activity and higher levels of overall weed control are achieved when combining Solar Plus with a herbicide
  • Can be used with all of our selective herbicides
  • Use with Thrust and Headland Polo to improve the control of Ragwort

How it works:

  • Solar Plus reduces the rate of evaporation, increasing the rate of spray uptake by the plant
  • Increased amount of active ingredient taken up results in faster and higher level of weed control particularly in large weeds that are less susceptible to the herbicide
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