Tank & Equipment Cleaner 500G - Strong Detergent for Pesticide Decontamination

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Easy tank cleaner for knapsacks and tractor sprayers to dissolve herbicide deposits and leave them safe for use

Cleaner for use in knapsack and tractor sprayers after pesticide use.

  • Clears tank 'hot-spots' of all residues of herbicides, fungicides & insecticides leaving the sprayer clean and ready for use
  • Soluble granules - dissolve in water to give a powerful alkaline detergent suitable for the inside & outside of sprayers
  • Nozzles can be left to sit in a solution overnight

Instructions for use:

  1. Flush out sprayer, half fill spray tank, SLOWLY add Tank and Equipment Cleaner.
  2. Top up tank and agitate thoroughly and spray out.
  3. With persistent chemicals/end of season storage, allow the mixture to stand overnight before emptying. Then flush out with clean water.
  4. If the sprayer is to be stored, do not flush out with clean water until just prior to re-use since Tank and Equipment Cleaner will leave a protective film.

Washings can be sprayed on the crop just sprayed. The maximum safe concentration for application to the crop is 0.1% w/v of Tank & Equipment Cleaner (1 kg Tank & Equipment Cleaner in 1,000 litres of tank washings).

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