Thrust 5L - Powerful Ragwort & General Weed Killer for Grassland

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Thrust Herbicide Weed Killer - Best phenoxy weedkiller for tough grassland perennial weeds like ragwort, docks and thistles.

Weeds Controlled* Thistle, Creeping (plants up to 50cm high), Creeping Buttercup, Broad Leaved Dock, Curled Dock, Common Ragwort and more

Thrust herbicide offers excellent selective control of annual and broad-leaved weeds in grassland and amenity grassland. Highly effective on Ragwort.

Unique combination of two active ingredients and use in amenity or agricultural grassland make it extremely versatile and effective

*see Thrust label for all weeds controlled

Thrust weed killer - kill weeds not grass

Key points

  • Excellent for controlling a wide range of annual and prerennial broadleaved weeds
  • Unique combination of active ingredients 2,4-D, dicamba & demethylamine salt
    • Achieves the strong kill over the wide weed range & particularly ragwort
  • Tank mix with Validate 1L to enhance and maximise weed control
  • Grass safe
  • Can be applied via a knapsack or boom sprayer
  • Rainfast in 12 hours
  • Grazing animal exclusion: 14 days
  • Two applications allowed per year

Thrust weed killer also gives control of the following weeds:
Thistle, creeping (plants up to 50 cm high)

Moderately susceptible: 
Buttercup, creeping, Ragwort, common, Dock, broad-leaved, Dock, curled


Application notes and guidance:

  • Ragwort is best treated in rosette stage – before flowering & when growing vigorously
    • Ragwort control is usually carried out in spring or autumn
    • Spray before ragwort flower spikes start to grow
    • Always allow a minimum of 14 days before returning grazing animals
    • All ragwort should have died back totally or removed prior to returning livestock
    • This can often take longer than three to four weeks
  • Ideally apply when majority of weeds are small and at a seedling stage
  • When spraying either with a knapsack or tank spray - use a medium spray
  • Pet safe once dry
  • Allow at least 4 days after application before rolling/mowing
  • If recently mown or grazed - allow 2 weeks before applying Thrust weed killer
  • Thrust herbicide will kill clover - do not apply if clover is an important part of the grazing land
  • Only use on grassland established for 12 months

Knapsack Sprayer
As a rough guide 90 ml of Thrust when diluted in 10 L of water should be enough to spray and area of 250 sq. metres. 
Farm, ATV, Tank Sprayer
Thrust weed killer can be applied at 3.5 L/ha in 200 litres of water per hectare


Why it is important to use a herbicide like Thrust where ragwort and grazing animals are present

  • A small number of ragwort plants will kill horses and grazing cattle, if eaten
  • There is no cure ot the alkaloid poision that ragwort contains
  • In one season a single ragwort plant can produce over 10,000 seeds
  • Seeds from a plant can germinate over many years, increasing infestation levels
  • To erradicate, reduce the plants presence it is vital to have a regular control programme for ragwort
  • Livestock will often avoid ragwort, but once it is sprayed livestock are more likey to graze on the plant as it becomes more palatable. This can also be the case as the plant dies back
  • Common Ragwort will need to be sprayed over a minimum of two years in order to get complete control


More Information
Warning Message Yes
Application Rate

Hand-held Application Rate

Annual and perennial grassland weeds 90 ml in 10L water covers 250m2

Boomspray Application Rate

Annual and perennial grassland weeds 3.5 L/ha in 100 - 400L water covers 1Ha (2.5ac)
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