TopFilm - Maximises Performance of Aquatic Weed Killers

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TopFilm is an adjuvant that can be used to improve the effectiveness of weed killers approved for use in and on water, when used to control aquatic weeds.

Topfilm is a naturally based adjuvant approved for the use in the control of aquatic weeds, when using an aquatically approved herbicide/weedkiller. TopFilm can also be used in aquatic, ornamental horticulture and speciality crop situations.

Contains:      Biocar
Coverage     At aquatic use rate of 1200ml/ha (0.6%) area treated varies from 500m2 - 41,666m- depending on pack size selected 

Improves results when used with aquatic weed killers

Key benefits:

  • Made from a natural patented cereal grain called Biocar
  • Top Film is one of a few adjuvants approved for use in water
  • Biocar creates micro sponges that absorb the pesticide treatment, which gives a coating property and protects the weed killer from wash off - improving results
  • Versatile adjuvant that can be use for aquatic, ornamental horticulture and speciality crop situations
  • Suitable for use with organic systems
  • Approved for use with Roundup Pro Active and Roundup Pro Vantage
  • Ideal for improving control on aquatic weeds such as floating pennywort, parrots feather, broad leaved pond weed, reeds, rushes and fringed water lily etc

Why use an adjuvant for aquatic weed control?
Adjuvants must not normally be used with Roundup ProActive in aquatic areas, but for floating weeds where wash-off can be a potential problem the addition of TopFilm, (a natural biosponge called Biocar made from maize) may improve control of species where herbicide wash-off is a problem, e.g. hydrocotyle ranunculoides (floating pennywort), myriophyllum aquaticum, (parrot's feather), potamogeton natans, (broad leaved pondweed), reeds and rushes, nymphoides peltata (fringed water lily).

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